House Update Part 5: Nursery Reveal


Less than two weeks to go till Baby Lease’s official due date and I wanted to share our nursery design with you. As previously mentioned, we wanted the room to feel like an extension of the rest of our home and to be a happy and cozy space for our little boy or girl. It’s why we opted for a white and grey color palette with the addition of light wood tones to compliment the maple floors in the room.

Once we got the color story down, I used the online design service Havenly to help me with the layout because I wasn’t sure where the best place for each piece of furniture would be. Plus, this way I could see a 3D rendering of the layout before making any purchases and would feel more confident going forward.


We had set a budget and after some extensive research I decided I wanted to get the crib and dresser from Babyletto. I felt their designs and price points were right on and I had seen their pieces featured on several design blogs I admire. I showed David different crib/dresser combos and we picked the Hudson crib in white with natural railings (to coordinate with our light wood floors) and the all-white Hudson six drawer double dresser.

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Boy or Girl? Some Thoughts on Gender

How adorable is my husband David and his younger sister Ariel? 

I can’t believe that in about three weeks we will finally meet our baby! As you know we have decided not to find out the gender until the big day. People often ask me if this has been challenging, but it honestly hasn’t been.

I would’ve decorated the nursery the exact same way because I’m not a big fan of anything too girly and because I want the room to feel like an extension of the rest of our home. I also like to plan ahead, and, depending on when we have a second child (we definitely know we want to have at least two kids) there’s a big chance our second baby will be using most of the same furniture, or taking over the room entirely. And while some moms-to-be can’t wait to buy gender specific baby clothes, I for one love white and grey outfits on tiny tots and had no problem buying a few items now, and waiting to get the rest after baby’s arrival.

But decor and clothing aside, David and I couldn’t be more excited for the big gender reveal, and above all — to meet our (pray to god) healthy baby. That said, I do have some thoughts on having a boy versus having a girl. Since we may have two kids total, I think it would be an ideal scenerio to have one of each and then close up shop. However, I love having an older sister, and I think the bond shared between two siblings of the same sex is so special (provided they can push sibling rivalry aside). Conversely, my husband is a big brother who has always looked out for his younger sister, and so the thought of having a boy and then a girl melts my heart (I’m very emotional these days mind you). FYI: a boy first followed by a girl is his personal preference.

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Motherhood Resolutions

This is #35weeks


I always like to reflect on the year that passed and make resolutions for the year ahead around the time of the Jewish New Year. It’s usually celebrated in September or October and coincides with the start of the scholastic year. It just makes  more sense to me to do it around this time rather than in late December/January.

Given I’m 35 weeks pregnant (holy sh*t!) pretty much most of my thoughts are centered around pregnancy, labor/delivery, and motherhood. I’m not sleeping much  due to a combination of heartburn, muscle spasms, side pains, and having to pee every hour on the hour (oh how I love being pregnant!) so I’ve had even more time to ruminate. Lucky me. Needless to say, I’ve been giving a lot of thought to what kind of woman I want to be as I prepare to add mother to my resume, and below are some of my new year’s “resolutions” if you will.

  1. During baby’s first couple of months, I will NOT, I repeat, I will NOT put pressure on myself to get much done other than keeping baby alive and relatively happy.
  2. I will not let my pride prevent me from asking for help if and when I need it.
  3. I will not Text/Instagram/Facebook/Snapchat while nursing (at least until I get the hang of it and even then only on rare occasions).
  4. I will not post more than one Instagram story per day of me cooing at my adorable baby.

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Do This With Your Partner Before Baby

Headed to a wedding at #29weeks

Hola from Orlando. I’m currently 30 weeks pregnant and we’re  in Orlando with our family in an effort to hide from Hurricane Irma. I’m feeling grateful my due date is two months away and praying for the health and safety of my family and friends.

Week 29 marked a turning point in my pregnancy. My heartburn got more fierce, and I started to experience pain in my pelvic region. I described it to my husband as feeling like someone punched me in the crotch and left me all bruised up. TMI? Consequently, I listened to my body and stopped going to my beloved dance cardio classes because it’s too much jumping and too high intensity for me to handle right now. Last week even prenatal yoga felt like too much, however, this week I was able to handle a barre class and I’ve started swimming which I should’ve done a long time ago because it’s so wonderful while pregnant.

In other news, we attended a birthing/parenting class at our synagogue which included an hour long session entitled: from partners to parents. An amazing clinical social worker by the name of Amy Small talked to us about the inevitable transition we’d be experiencing and I thought one exercise was particularly helpful. She had the spouses sit across from one another and instructed us to take turns telling our significant other the things we expect from them as a parent. Each person got three minutes to speak (no interruptions allowed), and when they were finished the other person had to repeat everything back to them and ask if they’d missed anything.

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My Maternity Fashion Favs

25 weeks and wearing an old blouse by Cooper & Ella and Maternity Jeans (link below) by Luxe, the in house brand from a Pea in the Pod. 

I’m currently 26 weeks preggo and I’m not so pleased to report that everyday activities like getting out of bed, or bending over to put on my shoes are starting to be a bit of a nuisance. They’re not full blown problems by any means, but I can see them on the horizon. Oh the joys of being pregnant!

I finally feel like I’m carrying around a little load and I’m experiencing heartburn after virtually every meal. I’ve also had to purchase a special sciatica knee pillow to make sleeping on my side more comfortable and keep my knees from awkwardly banging against each other. I’m telling you, if my husband doesn’t bow down to me after I give birth to this child I don’t know what I’ll do. Just kidding. Sort of. Okay, not really. Mothers are GODDESSES and men just have to accept it. Got it guys?

Anyways, this is a post about maternity fashion which I must say I’ve realized is a whole other beast. There are SO many products out there it can get overwhelming trying to differentiate between what you actually need and what products just have really good marketing. I feel the same way about baby/kids products (more on this in another post). My goal throughout this pregnancy is to look and feel my best without spending a lot of money on clothes I’ll only be wearing for a few months (even taking into account a second pregnancy).

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Musings From a Nervous Mama-To-Be

And we’re off to a Dance Body Class. This is #24weeks

Okay, yes I’m super excited to welcome a baby into our lives, but guess what — I’m also scared and nervous. Our lives are about to change in a major way, and even though I’m 99.99 percent confident it will be for the better, I’m also human, and this human has her fears/worries. It also doesn’t help that I’m generally an anxious person with a fair share of OCD tendencies (perfect storm anyone?).

That being said, I have read personal accounts of peoples’ anxiety improving since  becoming parents because the experience helped them gain perspective they were previously lacking. After all, how can you worry about whether you picked the right curtains, or if your last review was poorly written when you have a tiny human life to protect??!! I certainly hope I fall into this category of folks. In my dreams I’m a zen mama, but so far I haven’t been a particularly zen mama-to-be so lets see how that goes. I like to aim high.

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We’re Having a Baby!

This is #20weeks

I had hoped 2017 would be the year I got pregnant and I’m so excited to share that Baby Lease will be arriving November of this year!

This may be oversharing, but if you’re thinking about getting pregnant you may be interested in knowing a bit about my pregnancy journey. It goes something like this: After 14 years of being on the pill I went off it in January and got my first non-pill period six weeks later. I then downloaded the Ovia fertility app and based on when I had my period it told me what days of the month would be optimal for baby making. Five weeks later I’m peeing on a stick and it’s POSITIVE! I’m sharing this story because that’s what this blog is all about, but believe me when I say we both realize how ridiculously lucky we are right now and we don’t take anything for granted.

So how do I feel? Today I’m 22 weeks and fortunately I feel mostly good. The last three weeks I’ve been suffering from daily heartburn and the occasional short-lived shooting pain up and down my side that I’ve learned is called round ligament pain. I have to pee virtually every hour, including most nights, which I tell myself is good practice for the sleepless nights ahead (hey, just trying to put a positive spin on things). Thankfully, I’ve been able to stick to my workout routine which consists of dance cardio and barre a couple times a week. This is not only good for the baby, but mama needs it to help quell the occasional holy SH*T we’re having a baby freak-outs (more on this in the next blog post).

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House Update Part 4

Our powder room is done! We kept the existing mirror, light, and faucet. The wallpaper is by Cole & Son; the sink is Alepe, and the accessories are by Kartners. 
Given the narrow space we really couldn’t fit a vanity in here, so we had to go minimalist with the sink and accessories. 
Powder room “before” shot. Not going to miss that mosaic tile or ugly sink. 

It has been almost two months since we moved into our new home. Can you believe it? I can’t. We’re pretty settled in now (finally!) and all of the construction is officially complete. We’re waiting on some custom built ins for our family room and office but they’ll arrive ready to be installed. It will be two months till our custom pieces are completed (FYI: everything takes two months when it comes to home renovations/re-decorating)) but I’m happy to announce that after months of deliberations we picked Viking Kabinets for the job.

In other exciting news, our powder room is officially done! Our Alepe sink arrived  from Germany after 10 weeks, and its compact size and circular shape is a perfect fit for the narrow space. It also goes great with our wallpaper which we love. Some people discouraged us from choosing the wallpaper we did because the architecture of our home is so modern, but we’re happy we chose something that really spoke to us. I simply don’t believe in the principle that just because the architecture of your home is a certain style it should dictate all of your interior design choices. I’m all about mixing it up.

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House Update Part 3

Our Restoration Hardware bed with Mitchell Gold + Bob Williams nightstands 

Victory! We stuck to our move-in date and we’ve been living in our house for exactly two weeks. These two weeks have been exhausting, and there was a point I thought we’d never make it through all those boxes. Butttttt, with lots of help from one very organized mother-in-law and a lot of long days, we made it. We’ve got a couple big projects left and after that’s done we can focus on getting the place furnished and hanging all of our art.

The major project that remains is creating an entryway from our joint office (which is right off the kitchen) that will lead into the dining room. We think this will create a better flow, especially for all those parties we plan on hosting (a gal can dream). We ordered a set of double pocket doors and they arrived today. I’ll keep you updated on that in my next post. We’re also hoping to finalize our plans for custom built-in shelves for our family room, as well as a custom bar for our living room (for all the entertaining we’ll be doing!). Custom built-ins are expensive (what isn’t?), so it’s been taking longer than expected to find the right company for the job.

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House Update Part 2

Our floors in the process of being sanded (before)

Hiiii. So we’re just about ready to move into our house. Hard to believe it but after nearly three months of deliberations followed by work — we’re nearing the finish line. Right now our marble floors are being polished, and tomorrow interior painting begins. We’re painting the interior in Benjamin Moore White Heron with the exception of  one wall in our media room which will be a dark navy called Deep Royal.

Following the painting,  wallpaper will be applied in the powder room and the master bedroom (the wall the bed will be on), and then we can move in! I’ve had a toilet in my living room for the past month so I’m especially excited about getting the powder room ready so said toilet can go back to its rightful place. Believe it or not, picking the right wallpaper for the space proved to be quite the challenge despite the myriad options out there. Wallpaper, I’ve also learned is very pricey which makes the decision that much more difficult.

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