Motherhood Resolutions

This is #35weeks


I always like to reflect on the year that passed and make resolutions for the year ahead around the time of the Jewish New Year. It’s usually celebrated in September or October and coincides with the start of the scholastic year. It just makes  more sense to me to do it around this time rather than in late December/January.

Given I’m 35 weeks pregnant (holy sh*t!) pretty much most of my thoughts are centered around pregnancy, labor/delivery, and motherhood. I’m not sleeping much  due to a combination of heartburn, muscle spasms, side pains, and having to pee every hour on the hour (oh how I love being pregnant!) so I’ve had even more time to ruminate. Lucky me. Needless to say, I’ve been giving a lot of thought to what kind of woman I want to be as I prepare to add mother to my resume, and below are some of my new year’s “resolutions” if you will.

  1. During baby’s first couple of months, I will NOT, I repeat, I will NOT put pressure on myself to get much done other than keeping baby alive and relatively happy.
  2. I will not let my pride prevent me from asking for help if and when I need it.
  3. I will not Text/Instagram/Facebook/Snapchat while nursing (at least until I get the hang of it and even then only on rare occasions).
  4. I will not post more than one Instagram story per day of me cooing at my adorable baby.

5. I will not freak out if my house is a mess. This one’s gonna be a hard one for me.

6. I will try my best to smile and nod rather than get upset at all the unsolicited parenting advice I will soon be receiving from well meaning (for the most part) family, friends, and yes, sometimes strangers.

7. I will abstain from posting photos of my child followed by the hashtag #myworld or #myeverything even if I feel my baby is indeed my world and my everything.

8. I will accept the fact my husband will not fully understand what I’ve just gone through/am currently going through both emotionally and physically and therefore will try my best to refrain from snapping at him as a result.

9. I will leave the house to get fresh air at least once per day even if it’s just for 10 minutes and even if my hair is greasy and I’m wearing zero makeup.

10. I will be kind to myself when I get it wrong because I will get it wrong a lot and because so much is trial and error when it comes to raising a child.

11.I won’t put pressure on myself to get back to my regular workout routine. I’ll get back to it only when my body and baby say it’s time.

12. I will try and focus on the big picture and above all — enjoy the ride!!!



7 thoughts on “Motherhood Resolutions

  1. sensible in every word. u are the best and really understand what is ahead of you and how to handle it. But, I want all the pics everyday of every week no matter what. This is a must for me. If you can find the time, please send me emails with pics. Love ya. nana/


  2. Hi Val, it is me again nana/gg, can you send this to Susan, Marissa, Melissa, Wayne. As I told you, it is wonderful and should really be published in the baby mag that is put out on the market. Love as always.


  3. Wonderful goals!!
    Give yourself some slack on not going on social media while nursing. It’s super boring at 3am. And it may be the only quiet time you have in a day to edit/send photos. Very intuitive of you to realize that david won’t fully understand everything you are going through but once you accept it, it makes it easier to deal with. Love you. Can’t believe you are 35 weeks already. Sending all our love.


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