House Update Part 5: Nursery Reveal


Less than two weeks to go till Baby Lease’s official due date and I wanted to share our nursery design with you. As previously mentioned, we wanted the room to feel like an extension of the rest of our home and to be a happy and cozy space for our little boy or girl. It’s why we opted for a white and grey color palette with the addition of light wood tones to compliment the maple floors in the room.

Once we got the color story down, I used the online design service Havenly to help me with the layout because I wasn’t sure where the best place for each piece of furniture would be. Plus, this way I could see a 3D rendering of the layout before making any purchases and would feel more confident going forward.


We had set a budget and after some extensive research I decided I wanted to get the crib and dresser from Babyletto. I felt their designs and price points were right on and I had seen their pieces featured on several design blogs I admire. I showed David different crib/dresser combos and we picked the Hudson crib in white with natural railings (to coordinate with our light wood floors) and the all-white Hudson six drawer double dresser.

I decided to buy a smart changing pad from Hatch Baby because for about $100 more than a regular changing pad you get a product that doubles as a scale. I figured as a first time mom who plans on nursing this would help reassure me the baby was gaining enough weight. For more superficial reasons, I liked the sleek look of the Hatch Baby Grow and the fact you can easily clean it with a wipe rather than having to wash countless changing pad covers (anything to do less laundry!).


I had heard from several moms and design bloggers about the importance of investing in a durable and comfortable nursery chair/glider since we’d be using it a lot for reading and feeding. Quality chairs can get super expensive, but I ended up finding one I really liked at West Elm for just under $1000. It’s called the Graham Glider and if you don’t mind waiting 1-2 months you can order it in a custom color and fabric. Since all the other items in the room are light, including the light grey and white Pottery Barn Kids rug, we opted for a dark grey color for the glider in West Elm’s super soft yet resiliant performance velvet fabric . We figured this would also be practical since kids = spills.

Once the major items were selected, it was time to add some playfulness to the room. I love the idea of books as decor and the Madison bookrack from Pottery Barn Kids is both stylish and functional. I also knew I wanted some floating shelves for the nursery and I thought these cloud shelves from Land of Nod are so sweet, not to mention they combine white and maple which ties in rather nicely with the room. I also got grey and white striped storage baskets for the traditional bookshelf from there.


Interestingly enough, the nursery design didn’t start off with a jungle theme, it came about pretty organically. When I saw the jumbo stuffed giraffe on Pottery Barn Kids‘ website I knew I had to have it. The colors were perfect and I’ve had a soft spot for giraffes ever since I drew one during my first grade interview. My elementary school was literally the best place ever, and while I doubt my giraffe drawing helped me lock in a spot — I know it didn’t hurt my chances either.

Next thing I know I’m buying giraffe sheets at Land of Nod, and, surprise, surprise, we already owned a giraffe tray from Jonathan Adler which we got for our wedding (I registered for it). Then my mother-in-law brings over an adorable jungle-themed mobile and some cute wood animal figurines for the floating shelves, and voila — welcome to the jungle Baby Lease!

The crayon art work above the book shelf is one David made with his mom, and the fish painting hanging over the gilder is also a David Lease original from his elementary school days which I had reframed. There’s a lot to be said for beautiful decorative objects and whimsical tchotchkes, but it’s personal touches such as these which really make a house feel like a home. And while we don’t have any photos of Baby Lease just yet, I took the liberty of putting up family photos from our personal childhoods that put a smile on my face every time I walk past them.

I’m thinking of getting a fun wall decal for the wall where the dresser is, but I’ve decided to wait on that till we get to know Baby L a little better. If it’s a girl I know I won’t be able to resist buying some pink blankets and a couple other girly accents, but otherwise the room is ready! All that’s missing is the baby, and as my due date inches closer and closer I’m getting increasingly more excited and nervous for labor, delivery, and baby’s first couple weeks at home.








One thought on “House Update Part 5: Nursery Reveal

  1. the best of the best. I would like to forward this to family and friends but do not know how. I think all above is marvelous and a wonderful preview of what is in store for the most wonderful baby and the most wonderful talented caring parents. thanks for the insight into what is going on and planned. nana/gg to be


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